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West Nile Web

West Nile Web

News website for the West Nile Region of Uganda


The Challenge

The client was dissatisfied with the quality of the work being done by a different web developer. Despite several revisions with a fast approaching launch date, the website was no where near what the client required.

The Assignment

Hartfield-DiP was approached to review the work being done, ascertain the issues and establish steps to ensure the website was completed by the launch date.

The Solution

The quickest and most effective option was to start afresh. A new website was developed meeting and surpassing the client’s requirements for the news website, which included key features that made it easy to navigate and updated on th fly by their team of journalists. A full SEO plan was also put in place together with an integrated Social Media plan, which had a huge positive impact on their web presence.




21 October 2018